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The Ugly Organ

04/08/2003 | Slug | | Live Show Preview
Sunday the 26th - Apparently Kilby Court will be opening for a show this night, after being closed for the majority of the winter while preparing to re-open in the spring. Cursive is returning for the aural pleasure of those assembled in front of Kilby's stage. Comples but tight rhythms, driven with complex abrasive guitars and corrosive bass and drums. All of this is cemented firmly with the lead vocalists personal melancholy lyrics that are sang in between expressive screams and passionaate singing. What sets Cursive above and beyond the ranks of indie and emo bands is the addition of a cellist in the lineup, which adds depth and texture on an epic scale, intensifying their sound while pushing the boundaries of contemporary musical structures.
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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