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The Ugly Organ

04/08/2003 | Section M | Feature

Okay, so this isn't really bar area, but dammit, Cursive is one of the best damned Inde/ Post-Hardcore bands ever, even if they are from Omaha, NE. And this is news that people would care about. Enough justifing. Cursive had to cancel a bunch of tour dates in med June when singer Tim Kasher's lung collapsed while in Salt Lake City. Tim suffers from a mild genetic defect that he's had since birth, and this is the second time it has collapsed. This time it was pretty serious though, and he wound up having to have surgery close to a leak in his lung and remove an overgrown cluster of alveoli (you know, those lung things that look like broccoli). He'll be laid up for a while now, and though the band harbors fantasies of rejoining the tour they were on with Eastern Youth when it goes to Japan in later July, that probably win't gonna happen. However, all signs point to him making a full recovery, but just being forced ot watch a lot of Comedy Central and reruns on the Ugly People Opening Cans of Beans Channel in the meantime. If you want to send him a Get Well card, go to and hind out how.
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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