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Burst and Bloom

07/19/2001 | Portland Mercury | Album Review
Burst and Bloom EP
(Saddle Creek)

For those put off by Tim Kasher's mildly cheesy, pseudo-profound lyrics, let me say that he's improved. He still says the line, "These words I lyrically defecate," but the amount of sympathetic embarrassment you'll feel is markedly less prevalent. There's even a moment on the opening track when he mocks music marketing/pigeonholing: "They've got a DC sound, Shudder to Think, Fugazi and Chapel Hill around the early '90s/ This is the latest from Saddle Creek." But Kasher's own description of his music is pretty accurate. Cursive has always been characterized by urgent, sandpaper vocals, rumbling guitars, inconsistent time changes, driving melody. In the past, they've been lodged in the crevice between being great and being a very pedestrian take on what emo-informed, damaging guitars are "supposed to" sound like. But they're going in a better direction, forging a more definite identity with creative composition, more screaming, Kasher's always-sexy, pebbly voice, and better lyrics, thank god. JS
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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