Burst and Bloom

07/26/2001 | Interference | Album Review
Hammer says:
I seriously think TIm Kasher is my new God and Cursive is my new religion. They are fucking amazing. Their last release Cursive's Domestica, was one of the finest records of last yearm and maybe the last d decade; and now they find a way to keep the rollercoater moving.
With an addition of a new band member, Gretta Cohn, a cello player, on their fifth release, their songs have expanded yet again.
Their sound penetrates even more corners of your ear drums and Tim KAsher's (lead vocals/guitar) lyrics are agian some of the most intensely raw and poetic in all of music.
Burst and Bloom is only an ep, unfortunately, but it packs a hell of a punch. Once you hear it you'll need it, liek a junkie needs his fix. The songs on this release are concise explorations in nicotine fits and Vincent Van Gogh.
A little sampling, a little vocal trickery, beautiful stop/ go pause songwriting and wonderful images flowing just as much from the drum kit as from Kasher's lips.
CURSIVE can take ordinary trite phrases and rhythms and turn them into gems.
But perhaps Kasher can describe the band the best, on track one of Burst and Bloom, as he sings the autobiographical words - they've got a good fan base, they've got integrity, they've ogt a DC sound, Shudder to Think, Fugazi, and Chapel Hill around the early 90's / this is the latest from Saddle Creek soem melodies are like disease they can inflame your misery they will infect your memory they haunt me.
Steve says:
This is just a five song teaser from CURSIVE, but it's damn good and --asthe lyrics if the first track belie-indicative of the direction the band is heading in.
I do have to say that I've never enjoyed despair and alienation more than while listening to this. The eerie mood is intensified by (new member) Gretta Cohn's cello, a haunting musical apparition that appears at just the right moments.
The ever-evolving song structure adds to the overall vibe of mysteriousness. But all this doesn't imply that the music strays into the realm of overblown paranoid prog. A definite, rational tangibility is retained in this music, but after experiencing this I still get that feeling like I need ot go get a hug from somebody.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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