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Burst and Bloom

07/26/2001 | | Album Review
I sure hope that Tim Ksher never fails to amaze me. This new ep takes the power and excitement of the endlessly brilliant Domestica album and packs it into a really tight ep. So, Cursive is bigger and better that before (adding a cello!!! fuck yeah) and so entirely enjoyable.
Tim Kasher is the absolute king of the ability to comfortable alternate between sweet mumbling, singing, and screaming in a way that makes total sense and is inot overly indulgent in any one presentation. The creeping guitar and build up are like chapters in a fine book. The cello gives a sad undercurrent and the drumming keeps the band running around the room to keep up.
Underneath the emotion of the music, there is a welcomed self-analytical ability to basically state, "I know my music is really self-indulgent and overly-dramatic, but I still know how to smile." Sometimes you have to wondr about the sincerity of some of these "emo" bands. I mean, how much can you really know about heart-break when you are 18-years old? (no dis on Conor Oberst(of Bright Eyes who has an immense talent to back up his misery).
The first song on the Cursive ep is basically an explanation of what's going on "this unique approach to start an EP intende to shock, create a mystique, a cheap strategy, a marketing scheme building awareness for the next LP, they've got a good fan base they've got integrity, they've got a DC sound..." Lyrics that can't halp but make you grin sheepishly...
But then Mr. Kasher goes in for the TKO with the line:
Some melodies are like disease, they can inflame your misery They will infect your memory, they haunt me.

How can you even reply to something like that? You'll be writing in all of your friend's yearbooks come late May, that's for damn sure. The rest of the ep keeps a razor blade line of beauty that should not be dismissed because there are only five songs on this recording. It might even be worth owning two copies so you can give one to that special someone when they decide to leave you for some othe man/woman.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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