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8 Teeth to Eat You

06/04/2002 | Portland Mercury | Live Show Preview
Monday, 6/10: Cursive, Eastern Youth, Guests
Wearing your heart on your sleeve and not being afraid to share your emotions isn't necessarily all that unique these days. Lately, it seems like you can't swing a tear-soaked sweater without hitting an emoting young man with a guitar and some feelings to share. That said, it's pretty unfair to see a band like Cursive somehow being lumped into this category. The fact is, Cursive's songs are dark as all hell; filled with crash-and-burn relationships, infidelities, and a general distrust in others. WIth their whisper-to-scream vocals, guitars set to maximum crunch, and new-found cello player, Cursive leaves the emo genre in their wake as they sail on to conquer much bigger seas.