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8 Teeth to Eat You

Author: Chris Parker
11/28/2001 | the aquarian | | Live Show Preview
Connect Four: White Octave/Sorry About Dresden/ Los Desaparacidos/Cursive/knitting factory/Oct. 19
New York, NY- Speaking of great lineups, this top-drawer four-bill all conect back to Saddle Creek, the Omaha, Nebraska label that houses this extended group of friends. The bands share former members and brothers desptie the fact White Octave and SAD call North Carolina home. The higlight of the evening for many was the appearance of Los Desaparacidos, the new rock combo fronted by Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes). The band has only a single out, but an album's forthcoming for the New Year. Playing with the controlled chaos of early L.A. punkers like the Germs, the inclusion of keyboards temers the assault and gives it an overall eerie sound like that of British post-punk. Conor's vocals were more impassioned yelps with a touch of emo caterwauling, and their sense of humor was evident as they introduced their best song, “What's New For Fall" as “Oh, Shit, We Have a Cowboy for President."
Cursive followed with a spellbingding set of scabrous guitar made even richer by their newest member, cellist Gretta Cohn, whose playing invests the music with a layer of melancholy. Employing a contrapuntal attack reminiscent of Fugazi, but with a focus on the personal politic, the band rolled through muhc of last year's Domestica, their poignant look at relationships. Former Cursive guitarist Stephen Pederson, now of White Octave, also came on stage for a roaring rendition of “The Road to Financial Stability." Eshewing the cheap theatrics of the encore, lead singer Tim Kasher offered the audience a couple more numbers without leaving the stage, closing with “The Martyr."