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Cursive's Domestica

Author: Brian Staker
6/19/2000 | Slug Magazine | | Album Review
A departure from the Saddle Creek label's usual acoustic, traditional-instrumented fare, Cursive at least compares to groups like Bright Eyes, who also hail from Omaha, Nebraska, in terms of sheer emotiveness. Hard to peg for description, some emo and glam elements created a unique and intriguing sound. Domestic dramas like “The Casualty" and “The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst" essay tableaus that are ultimately nothing less than cathartic. “Swimming at night/We've dug this hole/The water's fine/I wonder how far down it goes," sings Tim Kasher, and you get the feeling it goes all the way to China. They make a stop at Kilby Court March 17.
Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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