Cursive's Domestica

6/19/2000 | Slamm-San Diego | Live Show Preview
Omaha, Nebraska's Saddle Creek Records is a small indie label that has gotten big results from its five local bands, particularly, Bright Eyes and Cursive. Cursive debuted in 1995, but soon folded when their guitarist left to attend Duke University. Singer/songwriter Tim Kasher regrouped the band in1999. Enlisting Working Class's Ted Stevens, Kasher created a concept album that details the life cycle of love between passionate souls: Flashes of sweetness, awkward silences, and, finally, pure vitriol. With crunching emo guitars and sweepingly melodic choruses, the band combines the chops of Fugazi or Unwound with the bleeding heart of Richard Thompson. Cursive emotes at the Epicentre, Mar. 27.
Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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