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The Ugly Organ

Author: Austin
02/02/2003 | | | Feature
2. 2. 03

Austin had a chance to interview Tim Kasher from Cursive before their show at The Social with Engine Down and Minus the Bear. This is a word-for-word interview.

Austin: What is your favourite song you have written?

Tim: It really changes. You know i was a big fan of The Beaten Path for a while. You know?

A: What is your favouite album right now?

T: The Royal Tenenabuam soundtrack.

A: What is your view on the current war situation America is in?

T: I have a friend who is in the CIA and I think its really easy for us to take these really popular like propeace stances on like, oh, the evils of mankind and whatever, but he shed some light onto...onto...onto what Saddam is actually doing to those people. He doesn't like going to war, nor does any of us like going to war. He says theres a certain neccessary evil in trying to combat evil, as well as I do. In the long run try to build a new and better iraq, but if we have to do it right now, I dont think so at all. I think if we have kept working as a diplomacy that we could have worked something out and we bullheaded our way in and thats too bad.

A: If there was a draft issued, would you quit your bands and go fight?

T: No. i dont give a bloody amount about this country. I would just, they couldn't take me and make me care about what they are fighting about. I wouldn't think twice about it. I wouldn't go out and shoot somebody for somebody else. It's stupid.

A: What is your defination of a sellout?

T: My definition of a sell out is someone who decides to bend what it is that their initial mission was and they decided to bend it to please someone else.

A: Would you ever leave Saddle Creek to go to a major label?

T: It would be nice to be able to stay with Saddle Creek and thats our goal. We're certainly not talking to anybody, and we have no interest in talking to anybody. And we also dont have any interest, like as to my defintion I dont think going to a major label as selling out. Thats not selling out. Selling out would be being on Saddle Creek and to have someone ask to reword lyrics because they dont like them, and I choose to because he thinks I could sell more units that way. You know?

A: Where is your favourite town to play in?

T: Boston, but now that things are going well I have a lot of favourite towns. Boston is definately one of them. Orlando is definately one of them. We like Orlando alot. We have a real infinity for Florida because it was one of the first states that really appreciated us, got into us, or however you want to put it, you know? There are people that will come to this show tonight that were at our like very first Florida show when there were twelve peole at a record store and that means a lot to us. But otherwise we tend to say Boston. Everyone love New York.

A:What stye of music would you consider Cursive?

T: I tend to avoid that question because we're trying to avoid a style of music.

A: Which do you prefer playing with: Cursive or The Good Life?

T: It's really whichever one I'm less sick of at the time.

A: Would you ever play a different style or genre of music?

T: Oh yeah. I'd love to . Anything that I could muster or come up with. My life long goal which I'm not completing very well is I'd like to finish my days as a jazz drummer just playing at a local pub down the street jazz drumming, which to me would be a beautiful ending to a life. But I need to start working on the drums a lot harder.

A: What is your greatest tour memory?

T: I dont know. I think some of our greatest tour memories was when we played really small and crowded rooms. Another great one was in Louisville, a guy took us quarry and we jumped off a 25 foot cliff into this water. It was very peaceful. One of the two greatest experiences of my life. Makes you realize how beautiful life really is.

A: Message for the kids.

T: If you want do something then do it. Dont wait for anyone else to do it for you. 
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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