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The Ugly Organ

Author: Andy 5
04/23/2003 | | | Album Review
It was apparent when this album was sent to me that it was more than possible that Cursive was going to be one of the next bands to get noticed by a huge amount of lucky ears. It seemed inevitable since the beginning of this great band from Omaha, Nebraska that it was just a matter of time until people started to catch on. It took far longer than I would have ever expected it to. The release of Domestica seemed to me to be the point where people should have learned to love and embrace every song that was pumped out of this bands brain. The songs on that disc are very promising, and as a whole the disc is probably one of the most powerful and solid releases for Cursive. That is, until, The Ugly Organ was released a few months ago. Not that this should even matter but some people like specific examples and legit recommendations from magazines and other bigger publications. Cursive's new album has been loved by people at (Name Drops): Rolling Stones, New York Times, All Music Guide, AP Magazine and it debuted at #16 on CMJ's top 200 a few weeks ago.

The Ugly Organ starts out with a short introduction to the album itself on "Some Red handed Sleight of Hand", singer Tim Kasher announces that all of his deepest secrets come out in his songs, "so read on - accuse me when your done". The next song "Art is Hard" is apparently a song written to Tim by his band about his own songs, which ironically, Kasher sings (to himself). 'The Ugly Organ' is the theme of this album and it can be taken one, two or three different ways. The Ugly Organ could possibly be a sexual reference. Or could he be referring to his heart and mind? Well if neither of these seem possible to you than it might be a reference to something external, like a musical instrument. Regardless, of how you take it, it seems obvious that the Ugly Organ is a organ that Kasher and Cursive would like to discuss with you.

A fortnight ago, Cursive took a stage near my current home and impressed and moved everyone that walked into the place. While Cursive churned out a good amount of songs from every release up to date, the crowd realized how important this group of five has always been and they all felt ashamed that they didn't hear them at an earlier date. Cursive breathes, bleeds, and speaks music. Everything displayed on that stage was better proof that Cursive was here to stay for a long time and with each day and night they will only get more and more popular and they deserve every bit of praise that comes their way.
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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