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The Ugly Organ

Author: GH
03/06/2003 | Other Music email update | Album Review
"Domestica" was definitely the Cursive's turning point. Mirroring group leader Tim Kasher's divorce and the addition of Lullaby for the Working Class's Ted Stevens, the Omaha band created a record that moved well past your typical emo musing, shattering standard song structures and replacing these with interesting arrangements and deeper lyrical substance. Two years later, "The Ugly Organ" is another big step forward. New addition Gretta Cohn cements her
membership in the group's line-up, the beautiful strains of her cello is juxtaposed against the jagged guitars, stops-and-starts, and emphasizes Kasher's ultra-personal lyrics. Conceptually, "The Ugly Organ" continues to deal with love-gone-bad, but this time intensely dwells on the emotional aftermath of a wrecked relationship and his music craft. Musically, there are many moments of orchestrated builds amidst Dischord-inspired rhythm shifts, angular guitars, organ breaks and dynamics that rise and fall at the turn of a dime.
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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