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The Ugly Organ

Author: -Christopher
03/04/2003 | | | Album Review
10 out of 10

From the depths of Nebraska comes yet another priceless release that continues to carry the banner of quality that both Cursive and Saddle Creek have earned through the years. In a few words, Cursive's The Ugly Organ is the most sonically superior record to grace these hands in a long while. And not only that, it's insightful, witty, intelligent, honest, and most of all, moving. Tim Kasher has earned his way into my list of top five lyricists EVER, with lines like:

"So rub it your dumb lyrics. Yeah, that's the time and place to wring out your bullshit. And each album I'll get shit on a little more, 'Who's Tim's latest whore?' Now that's not fair - no, that's just obscene. I'll stop speaking for you if you stop speaking for me."

Not to mention that his delivery is incredible... And the music, fucking amazing. Gretta's cello playing continues to give Cursive an element that will have your heart sighing, the drums and bass are so locked on target and appropriate that it's hard to imagine anything sounding more organically distraught than what is on this record...holy shit. Basically this will be one of the best records to come out in 2003 so get it or be left behind. Can you say GSYBE! meets a distraught, insightful, sarcastic Get Up Kids, with elements of Fugazi, etc, you get the point... This record is on those levels... Yes seriously.

If you missed them at the Che Cafe here in San Diego last month, or were one over 300 kids that was turned away from that sold out show, then you should smile now knowing Cursive will be back our way in April at the Scene (on the 22nd with No Knife and the Appleseed Cast).

The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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