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8 Teeth to Eat You

Author: HxT
06/04/2002 | | | Album Review
Cursive just keeps on getting better and better. I cannot stress that enough. These four new songs by them may very well be their best yet. They just keep on throwing in the strings lately it seems, and it works out so well. Somewhat light, yet driving indie rock, with intricate guitar writing as well as violins and flooring lyrics, such as "Heartache is waking up next to me". Just simply wow. As for the Eastern Youth side of this split, well, they are a Japanese poppy indie rock outfit who have toured with At The Drive-In and sing entirely in Japanese. I'm not sure about them, I really can't get into it for some reason. Very different from Cursive's style, which, I was actually half expecting them to sound like. Not really my style, just a little too poppy for my likes, but the Cursive half more than makes up for it.


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