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Art Is Hard Single

Author: Joe
01/25/2002 | | | Album Review
Other people believe in God. They go to church, pray for their friends and family, and abide by their respective religion's age-old rules.
I have Cursive.
As misguided as this may sound to you, the reader, it makes perfect sense to me. No other band can hold my attention as well as Cursive does live. No other record matches "Domestica" song for song in the emotion department. No songwriter other than Tim Kasher can sing the songs that speak so directly to me. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, that one band that pretty much becomes part of who you are.
The upcoming full length, entitled "The Ugly Organ," won't be out for a couple months, but this teaser single will be available shortly from the folks over at Saddle Creek Records. Cursive played before a packed Sokol Underground on December 29th and threw the single in with admission to the show. The set was amazing, including songs from "The Ugly Organ" all the way back to Break In The New Year from "Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song." They seemed to struggle a bit to start off the set, but soon were hitting on all cylinders, pummeling the audience with song after song. There even was a cover of Bad Company's Feel Like Making Love in a very Cursive way, although you'd have to hear it to fully appreciate it. The night ended with a noise improv (complete with Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time mixed in) and a one of the most powerful renditions of The Casualty I think I've ever seen them play. Look out for Cursive as they tour the east coast with Crank-sters Neva Dinova and the west with Redemption's Race For Titles.
As for this disc, it does the job exceedingly well. The single is an incredible tease to anyone who has been waiting for a new Cursive full length for three years since they first heard "Domestica." There are two tracks to tide you over, the album track Art Is Hard and the to-be-seen-no-where-else Sinner's Serenade. Both showcase a band that has evolved into something exceedingly hard to categorize and that relies far more on technical skill than pure anger and emotion. The single's title track is an almost dancy number that still hits hard enough to be unmistakably Cursive. "You gotta sink to swim, impersonate greater persons," Kasher sings, perhaps about his own past. "Because we all know art is hard, but we don't know who we are." Sinner's Serenade is a disjointed ballad of sorts that doesn't even seem to make sense musically at all the first time you hear it. The song is definitely a sign of things to come for a band that hopefully will keep "churning out the hits."
Why buy a piece of plastic with only two songs? Well, this is the only place you'll find Sinner's Serenade, and at least the disc gives you a taste of what's to come on March 4th. What else are you going to spend 5 bucks on? A pricey bar drink or some Morningstar Farms corn dogs?
Stay tuned for what is shaping up to be an incredible record when it drops, one of a handful of releases to really look forward to this coming year.