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8 Teeth to Eat You

Author: Emma Johnston
06/04/2002 | Kerrang! | Album Review
The Redneck-populated countryside of Nebraska and the neon-lit metropolis
of Tokyo do not contain the kind of communities you'd expect to encroach
on each other's lives too much. But that's the culture clash served up by
`8 Teeth to Eat You', a satisfying taste of both America's Cursive and
Japan's Eastern Youth.
The former peddle skewed and cinematic, cello-driven melodies that
seem to have been constructed without any concern for the sides measuring
up to each other, the sounds sticking out at bizarre but exciting angles.
Eastern Youth, on the other hand, are less self-conciously arty. Sung in
their native tongue, the songs perfectly mix traditional Japanese sounds
with Western post-hardcore and indie melodies.
`8 Teeth To Eat You' is one of the most strangely charming
oddities you're likely to trip over right now.