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I Am Gemini

Author: Zach Brendza
09/20/2012 | Duquesne Duke | | Live Show Preview
As their tour comes to Stage AE on Friday, Cursive's Matt Maginn and Caspian's Philip Jamieson have fond memories of Pittsburgh.

The first time Caspian ever hit the road was on a four- or five-date tour that included playing at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh. It "still rings on."

"Really stands out as one of our fondest show experiences," Jamieson said of the show, that had 35-40 people. "Sort of set the predecent."

"Ever since then, always really excited to make it out there [Pittsburgh]. Never wanna miss it on a tour," said Jamieson, guitarist in Caspian. "Friggin Burgh dude, we love it there."

Maginn shared Jamieson's sentiment.

"I just think it's a really beautiful city," Maginn, bassist in Cursive, said. "When you come through that tunnel, it just kind of explodes in front of you."

Maginn remembers playing Mr. Small's in Millvale last April, calling it one of the coolest old venues in the country.

"We have fond memories," Maginn said.

Now as Cursive and Caspian support Minus The Bear on their fall tour, the two bands are in the same boat with promoting new material with their sets at Stage AE on the North Shore Friday at 7:30 p.m.

"We kinda keep a pretty good mix, especially with having so many records now," Maginn said.

Cursive, who toured Canada with Brand New and An Horse in August, will draw mostly from their spring release I Am Gemini, while playing also from the acclaimed The Ugly Organ (2003), Mama, I'm Swollen (2009), Domestica (2000) and Happy Hollow (2006).

Caspian, having spent much of the year recording their new album Waking Season, set to be released Tuesday, will fill 20 minutes of their 30 minute set with new material, with the other 10 coming from past releases.

"[We're] really excited to play this new stuff live," Jamieson said. "We've realized that people are throwing down 20 bucks to see us and want to play stuff people are familiar with [as well]."

In writing their new album, Jamieson said Caspian definitely "wanted it to be electronic," but with no midi sound. For the new album, Caspian sampled a bunch of live instruments, processing those through a sampler, as they wanted to make sure all sounds were "natural" and form "real sounds."

"Texturally, we wanted to breathe more than has it been in the past," Jamieson said. "Feels a little more pure."

Cursive will be on tour with Minus The Bear through November and will play two December dates in Brazil.

"[We] Don't have plans for the new year, maybe take a break for a few months. Maybe do something in late spring or summer of next year," Maginn said.

As for Caspian, after they're through touring the United States and Europe in November, they will return to the States to play a five-show stint in the Northeast, before most likely taking January off, Jamieson said

According to Jamieson, when touring resumes, probably in February, Caspian plan to hit the West Coast and focus more on North America for their Waking Season tour cycle to expand the band, with hopes of returning to the 'Burgh.

"I think for Waking Season, hopefully first of many shows in Pittsburgh. Obviously, it would be great to come back and headline and play more of our catalogue for our fans," Jamieson said.
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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