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I Am Gemini

Author: Von Ecker
08/02/2012 | | | Live Show Preview
Cursive is back on the road again touring for their album " I Am Gemini " ,and this time they brought a little harder sound with Mastodon and Isis producer Matt Bayles.

They stopped through Chicago at The Subterranean, which can only be described as a venue staged in a double decker matchbox. Maniacs hung from the rafters high on indie rock and $4 PBR's. The band pulled off a solid set at the packed venue, that was a sea of bodies in constant motion.

I actually witnessed a little mosh session in progress, which made drawing my sketches a little bit of a pain in the ass but hey that's rock and roll.

Its nice to see that after 20 years together Cursive still has the creative energy and stamina to still be putting out quality indie rock music that still keeps its edge. After seeing what I saw Friday night the band is set to blow up at the end 2012. They currently just landed on tour with Minus The Bear which is set to kick off on Sept 10th and doesn't end till mid November.Motor City Indie Rock lovers will have to trek it out to Grand Rapids to see the boy's on September 18th @ The Intersection.

So save your pennies boys and girls and trek it out to see the hardcore boys from Omaha, Nebraska rock it out, and remind you why indie rock isn't fading away anytime soon.
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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