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I Am Gemini

Author: Melissa Gibbons
02/29/2012 | | | Live Show Preview
On Sunday February 26, a festive crowd filled The Casbah for the sold out show featuring Midwestern indie-rock veterans Cursive. Shortly before the show was set to begin, I found the main room already filling up with Cursive fans anxious to get a good spot. Speaking with some younger fans at the front of the stage and learned that a sizable group of people had been going to all the southern California shows, and had nothing but rave reviews for all the shows so far.

Seattle band Virgin Islands opened up the show with a set of politically driven pop punk songs with a sound not unlike Bad Religion. Lead singer/guitarist Michael Jaworski even had a bit of the clean cut look of Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin. The second band on this tour, Austin-based indie rock band Ume, took the stage and proceeded to win over the crowd with their energetic performance. Ume has played at Bar Pink the last few times they have come through San Diego, but are now getting a much-deserved wider audience on this tour. All eyes were on lead singer/guitarist Lauren Larson as she shredded on her (four, over the course of the set) guitars, whipped her hair around, and sang all while making it look effortless. She is a riveting front woman, and it's no surprise that Cursive chose them as tour support.

Cursive took the stage and the crowd surged towards the front of the room. Cursive has some very intense and dedicated fans. It seemed that everyone present wanted to be as close as possible to charismatic front man Tim Kasher. Cursive tore through at least five songs before stopping to banter with the crowd a little. Kasher raved about The Casbah, and spoke a little about their favorite venue in their hometown of Omaha. Most of the set was comprised of songs from their brand new album, I Am Gemini, released on long time label Saddle Creek Records. The rest of the set was filled with songs from their classic albums, Domestica (2000), and The Ugly Organ (2003). All the members of Cursive exude a lot of energy while they play, and the crowd was all too happy to respond in kind.
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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