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I Am Gemini

Author: Kevin Coffey
03/01/2012 | Omaha World Herald | | Live Show Preview
"I Am Gemini" is another in a long line of concept albums from Cursive.

Instead of focusing on real-life situations such as "Domestica" about a marriage and "The Ugly Organ" about a man's love and lust the band's latest album is about Cassius and Pollock, twin brothers separated at birth.

Why a concept album? Mostly because the format appeals to Cursive frontman Tim Kasher.

"It's not necessary to write the songs in such a way, but in my head, I've always likened an album to a book of short stories," Kasher said. "And my preference on a book of short stories is when they're threaded together on some common theme."

The songs sound like they could be playing out as the voices in someone's head. It's as if a man were trying to figure out which side of himself to listen to.

"That's kind of the idea in the largest scope of it," Kasher said. "But the story itself got so fictionalized. It went in certain directions so it kind of became its own story, too."

The band actually wrote out the lyrics sheet as a playbill that assigns the words to various characters. If you read along with the music, you can take it for an epic indie rock musical.

Kasher said he thought of making it into a production.

"I had a lot of daydreams of it being a bigger production. I always have daydreams like that, but I set all of that aside," he said. "I didn't really want to get ahead of myself and wanted to make sure the album is functioning."

With some laughs, he added, "When I do envision it, I see a thousand different ways for it to be done poorly. It would be real prickly for it to get done in a way that I thought that it was good. Maybe there is no way."

When it was time to make a new album, Cursive went into Omaha's ARC Studios with producer Matt Bayles and laid down all the music. Kasher, who had an idea for the lyrics, didn't start writing until most of the music was finished.

"I had that hunch that I wanted to be schizophrenic or deal with multiple voices," he said.

From there, Kasher sat down and outlined the entire story and then wrote the songs start-to-finish, something he's never done with any other album.

With its tour for "I Am Gemini," it may make sense, then, for the band to play the entire album. But the band wants to play for its fans and will do several songs from "I Am Gemini." (In case you were wondering, one of Kasher's favorites is "Wowowow.")

Kasher is excited to get to Omaha, though it can be a bit nerve-wracking.

"There is a different vibe for me, I'd classify (Omaha) with a few of the cities where my self-esteem is lowered slightly more," Kasher said. "I'm maybe concerned about judgment or how we're doing. I suppose it all stems from respect of peers."
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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