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I Am Gemini

Author: gianvassaliko
02/21/2012 | | | Record Review
Cursive continue the journey they started way back in 1997 as they are officially set to bring fans I Am Gemini, their seventh full length LP. For the band, the album is a big step forward; and for fans, it will serve as a fresh taste of the signature noise that only Cursive can create.

Being an indie band with the kind of loyal following that Cursive has is truly a blessing when taking into consideration the current state of the music industry. However, it should be looked at as a great testament to the bands undying heart as they continue to create great music that not only pleases their fans, but shows progression as a band as well. The band hasn't lost it's edginess in any way either. Everything you loved about the charisma and energy found on songs and like In The Now from 2009_s Mama, I'm Swollen is carried over to I Am Gemini.

While you may think that the band doesn't have much more to prove at this point in their career; at the same time, expectations for I Am Gemini have been higher than ever. It's quite far away from their 1997 debut Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes; but its really cool to see that the band has stayed true to the elements that made their early material great. In fact, even though the band has grown as musicians, aside from the fact that I Am Gemini feels a tad more mature and developed, the new material could really fit right in on their debut LP. Most bands, especially in this genre seem to have had trouble moving forward with this type of sound, but Cursive are proof that when it's done right, with honesty, its more than possible.

Even though there have been more than a few preconceived notions as of late regarding the limits of indie rock as music continues to move into a more technological era, there's still a lot of cool, unconventional pieces in songs on I Am Gemini that push the band as a whole into the next chapter of their sound, setting them apart from those who have fallen before them. Songs like The Cat And Mouse show the potential that this band still has as the song brings you to the greatest emotional height of the whole album with the help of spot on staccato instrumentation behind singer Tim Kasher's passionate lyrics.

Check out the full tracklist for I Am Gemini below:

This House Alive
Warmer Warmer
The Sun and Moon
Drunken Birds
Lullaby for No Name
Double Dead
Twin Dragon/Hello Skeleton
This House a Lie
The Cat and Mouse
The Birthday Bash
Eulogy for No Name
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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