I Am Gemini

Author: Anna Minard
02/14/2012 | Stranger | | Record Review
Omaha weirdo rockers Cursive are back with a concept album called Geminiócomplete with stage directions in the liner notesóabout identical twins Cassius and Pollock stuck in a house together with angels, devils, and conjoined twins. Frontman Tim Kasher wrote all the songs in order, and it was mixed right here in Seattle by Matt Bayles at Red Room. Maybe I just let the backstory get to me, but Gemini sounds completely different each time I listen to it, like it's constantly twinning itself in a funhouse mirror. Creepy! Also neat are Austin trio Ume, whose vocals, by ghost-voiced lead singer Lauren Larson, will perfectly complement Cursive's haunting.
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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I Am Gemini


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