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I Am Gemini

Author: Will Butler
02/01/2012 | East Bay Express | | Live Show Preview
Over fifteen years and half as many albums, Cursive has developed a reputation for filling venues, working hard, and eking out a working-class living. For frontman Tim Kasher, that means maintaining momentum. The Nebraska-based Saddle Creek collective was instrumental in the band's success, and Kasher said of his friends in bands such as Bright Eyes, "We grew together, and all of us doing our own separate things benefitted each other's bands as well."

Those same friends have provided real employment, too. "Matt [Maginn] has always kept another job. He worked for [Conor Oberst's label] Team Love, and now he works for a promotion company. Even though that's always kept Matt busy, it's cool work and it's nice that the hustling he's doing is for music that he loves."

And instead of another day job, Kasher just has another band: "Over the years I could always have used another job, but in an odd way, the other band that I do [The Good Life] kind of represents that it keeps me busy. You're writing twice as much and you're out twice as much."

Staying busy is key for Kasher. Last year he recorded and toured for the first time as Tim Kasher, but even his own father didn't understand why he shed Cursive's name recognition. Kasher admitted, humorously, that "from a business perspective, it was not that bright." But he said that the excitement of starting a new catalog was crucial to reenergizing his music and getting him amped for a new Cursive album. I Am Gemini, Cursive's seventh LP, is out February 21.
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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