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I Am Gemini

02/13/2012 | Denver Post Reverb | | Live Show Preview
Nothing was going to stop Cursive from bringing its fierce rock to the Larimer Lounge Sunday night. That afternoon the band tweeted, "After we are done working as a band we are going to work as a pit crew. Changed a trailer tire in no time flat at exit for scenic Ovid, CO."

Opening the night was the Austin-based band UME. The lead singer of UME, Lauren Langer Larson, is an in-your-face kind of girl whose thunderous riffs on the guitar, fist pumps and '80s style hair band head banging culminated into the perfect priming for Cusive.

While Cursive's new album "I Am Gemini" won't be officially released until Feb. 21, that didn't stop them from playing tracks from the album throughout the night. The new songs were easily identifiable since the word "gemini" is carefully weaved into each one. At one point during the show, lead singer Tim Kasher joked, "The word 'gemini' is only used a million times or more."

The hearty mix of new and old songs gave loyal fans plenty of hardcore indie-rock and sing-alongs like "I Couldn't Love You," "The Martyr," and "A Gentleman Caller." The playful personality of lead singer Tim Kasher also kept the crowd of rowdy hipsters fully engaged and attentive with his self-deprecating jokes and explanation of songs. And the artful infusion of a mighty trumpet throughout the night also gave a brassy edge to several songs.

The night did see a brief break in rock with the down tempo rendition of "The Recluse." The emotionally charged song was a nice antithesis anthem to the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday. Like many of Cursive's songs, underneath is the firsthand feeling of gut wrenching emotions ensued from a love affair.

Arguably the highlight of the night was the opening encore song "Art is Hard," a hit from their "Ugly Organs" album. The full frontal throttle and precision executed during the song showed off the band's gritty musical chops. The encore continued with steady pleasers like "From The Hips" and "Sierra."
I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini

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