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Mama, I'm Swollen

Author: Lindsay Douglas
5/11/11 | | | Feature
Although Cursive, the indie/rock/pop/what-have-you band has been around since the mid-'90s, this year's Sled Island Festival will mark the first time the band has visited the fair city of Calgary. "I'm excited to get to see Calgary," says Tim Kasher, lead vocalist and guitarist for Cursive. "I'm not sure how Calgary feels about me." When I talk to Kasher he's in good spirits, saying that right now he's enjoying one of his favourite times of the year. "Just doing what I enjoy doing most, which is working on songs," he explains. "Getting ready to record a new Cursive album in July." The band's last album, Mama, I'm Swollen, came out over two years ago. The album has somewhat of a sombre feel to it, something that Kasher somewhat attributes to his choice of reading material when writing for the album. "I was reading a lot of Cormac McCarthy at the time and I recognize the gloominess of the album, how it reflects that mind set," he says, going on to explain that, like most people, his writing is influenced by film, music and literature. Because of that, he says he is careful with what he reads and watches when in a song writing period. It's unknown what the band's next album will have in store for us, but Kasher does say that it's already on its way to completion. "The music's written," he says. "It seems kind of loud, weird and agitated," he furthers. Perhaps this means their newest release won't be quite as toned down as their most recent. Prior to undergoing the process of putting out a new album, Kasher had been quite busy releasing and touring his debut solo album, The Game of Monogamy, an endeavour which he said didn't affect his role in Cursive and in fact reenergized him. "Having been in the industry for a while, I've gone into periods where I've felt, kind of in a slump," he muses, referring to the touring lifestyle. "I feel like the novelty of it wore off a long time ago and going out with new songs and new people breathed new life into it." Kasher elaborates that thought by saying: "It's just having to be so repetitive with what we do, the way that music is, versus maybe say, you write a book, and then you put that book down and people read it but you don't really ever have to return to it. Whereas music you return to it every night. "But I learned after all these years, doing all these tours, to love it or leave it and now I really enjoy doing it." Despite some of the hardships of the touring and performing lifestyle, Kasher doesn't sound like he has had any second thoughts. "I love that I'm getting so much older and still get to do something that's so juvenile," he laughs. "I think that most people in their mid thirties would feel so uncomfortable doing the same thing they were doing when they were fourteen." Hopefully Calgary's first live view of Cursive will be a show that brings what Kasher describes as his favourite thing about playing live: "I'm going to sound clich_," he laughs. "But it's the energy of rock and roll. Even when I'm doing more low key stuff I have a tendency to kind of amp it up and kind of get it as loud as I feel like being." For their first visit as a band, they do hope to take in the city a bit and, of course, take in the Sled Island Festival. "We don't have anything scheduled around it so it kind of gets to be a vacation for us as well. Sounds like we'll have enough time there to hang out and see some bands." Welcome to Calgary!
Mama, I'm Swollen

Mama, I'm Swollen

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