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Burst and Bloom

Author: (GNADE)
09/25/2001 | | | Album Review
Little Mr. Omnipresent Kasher is back with yet-another release from yet-another one of his 75,000 bands/projects-this one being Cursive, his main thing, and their new EP, "Burst and Bloom." While Kasher's kind of ubber-aggressive proliferation might be sort of annoying coming from a lesser artist, his stuff is usually pretty damn good. And speaking of pretty damn good, Cursive made a P.D.G. choice on this EP when they added a cellist to their roster, one Miss Gretta Cohn. I've always been a pretty big fan of the idea of cellos in indie rock, but, more often than not, it comes off way too cutesy and precious and consciously pretty. But, as Kasher (literally) lets us know in the first track, his band has that aggressive, Fugazi-influenced "DC sound," and combining THAT with a nice, fat, humming cello is straight-up "elegant-fragility-amidst-the-savage-chaos," a winner every time.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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