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Burst and Bloom

Author: Brian Howe
09/01/2001 | The Spectator | | Album Review
Conveniently, this new EP from Cursive criticizes itself. "Sink to the Beat," the album's axis, is the most self-aware, postmodern screed I've encountered since Dave Eggers' recent. It's a "marketing scheme" that makes no bones about being one, and offers a passing fair description of Cursive's oeuvre as well ("they've got a DC sound / Shudder to Think, Fugazi / and Chapel Hill around the early 90's). A very curious tune, one that makes it clear that Kasher is felling a bit disillusioned with this whole music thing. Fortunately, this fatigued posture does not manifest in these five songs, which are as dynamic, craggy, and thoughtfully arranged as anything Cursive has produced. They've also added a cello player, which dovetails superbly with the abrasive yet mellifluous guitar rock.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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