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Burst and Bloom

Author: jason
08/01/2001 | | | Album Review
The Faint is one of those bands that you either love or hate. I happen to love them. I fell in love just about this time last summer when"Blank Wave Arcade" came out, and to be quiet honest the very first time I heard it I thought "what the hell is this shit?" But then afterlistening to it I realized how much time and talent went into that record. "Dance Macabre" is probably the finest and most amazing record these guys have ever put out. A little more keyboard's and synthesizer's then the last album and the vocals have been drowned out a little more with effects boxes and such. These guys do know how to fucking party that is for sure though. If you are not familiar with The Faint they are very drive on the synthesizer, electronic drums and guitars with a million and one filters pumped through them. I am not really into the new dance wave and techno driven music for the most part, but this band seems to make me want to get on a dance floor and just make a complete asshole out of myself. "Dance Macabre" lyrics differ from "Blank Wave Arcade's" in that they don't sing only about sex or as the call it in interviews making love. The layout of the cd is done really well in my opinion, with a Russian war propaganda poster thing going on, with some really innovative uses offonts. They are going on tour soon with I believe Milemarker and Outhud, but I am not 100% positive about it. If you are into the 80's synth pop sorta stuff, but want to hear it done the punk rock way then check out The Faint's "Dance Macabre".
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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