Burst and Bloom

07/23/2001 | The New Scheme | Album Review
After a considerable hiatus, last year saw the rebirth of the new Cursive lineup with "Domestica", which was a considerable departure from their previous material. This new EP is a pretty logical extension of "Domestica", though they've added yet another weapon their already eclectic sound, with the addition of a cellist. Their sound falls somewhere in between the choppy rock of Fugazi and the admittedly wimpy, thought still hard hitting emo-core of old Mineral. The combination of sounds that Cursive employs are unlikely, but they work well. The five songs here have a very good flow to them, and it's pretty evident that they were written as a unit for this release. This is eclectic, and somewhat experimental, but without losing it's sense of melody and pop sensibility. The best track is "Tall Tales, Telltales", which lands right in the middle of the EP. It's a very epic, and moving track that brings to mind Mineral a lot more than the others. But this works very well as a unit, and it's hard to pick just one song out of the five. Plus, at 22 minutes long it clocks in quite a bit longer than most EP's, so you're getting your money's worth too. This is one of the better wimpy post-punk bands going, and this is the best example yet of exactly why.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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