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Burst and Bloom

Author: Jennifer Perkins
07/01/2001 | Naughty Secretary Club | Album Review
Cursive's latest release, an EP entitled Burst and Bloom, not only picks up right where Domestica left off it moves the band forward and up a few notches. The band is as intense as ever and still remains true to its math rock calling, but seems to be expanding their musical horizons with self prophetic lyrics and backing cellos.

One change to Cursive this time around is that you can feel a little of Tim Kasher's side project The Good Life seeping in. "Fairytales Tell Tales" shows Cursive's softer side. Cursive has now recruited The Good Life's Gretta Cohn for cello purposes and they use her wisely in this song. Where in the past during a typical start and stop moment in a song the space might be used for noodly guitar licks the sweet swell of a cello is now used to fill in. The element of surprise at its finest.

The diversity in Burst and Bloom spreads wider than in Cursive's past releases. There is some really interesting guitar lines on "Tall Tales, Telltales". If an electric guitar could ever have a Middle Eastern feel, this is a prime example. Punk rock belly dancing anyone? This song, as well as "Mothership, Mothership, Do You Read Me", shows off all the muscle fans have come to know and love Cursive for.

Most music critics might feel a wee bit of trepidation in approaching this review. Especially after hearing the opening chin thumbing track "Sink to the Beat". The clever lyrics are a review of the EP that Cursive has written themselves as if they are predicting the slew of cliches that will be thrown at them. "They've got a DC sound....Chapel Hill around the early 90's", find me a record reviewer who has not used these words. It might piss a few people off (no one likes to be mocked) but, as my mother always says "Fuck em' if they can't take a joke". Good for Cursive for keeping us music reviewers on our toes and for making an excellent record.

Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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