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Burst and Bloom

Author: AL
07/10/2001 | | | Album Review
Those who know me, especially the Nada Mucho staff, wouldn't think that I would be terribly kind to artists labeled as "indie wunderkinds". Phrases like "this album captures the indie cred of Pavement" kill my soul. That said, I'm willing to admit a sincere fascination with Bright Eyes, led by the current darling of the independent music set, Conor Oberst.
Oberst is something of a child prodigy, earning acclaim as a lyricistwhen he began to record his own songs at age 13. His hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, is as far from a music hotbed as possible, but Oberst is coming into his own in this barren Midwestern artistic wasteland. His lyrics are colorful and vivid, managing to paint pictures with his words. Musically, he's a clear disciple of Elliot Smith, invoking the strings and orchestrations of Smith's major-label breakthrough XO. Unfortunately, the music of Bright Eyes' label mates Son, Ambulance, which makes up half the album, is reminiscent of Ben Folds Five and their shrill piano musings. Not an unforgivable offense, but when contrasted with the brilliance of Bright Eyes, they pale in comparison.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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