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Burst and Bloom

Author: jk
06/18/2001 | Splendid E-zine | | Album Review
Burst and Bloom's first track, "Sink to the Beat," is one of those songs that tries to go where others don't -- that is, it's a song about songs. But as soon as you think you've got it pegged as such, the screaming guitars come in, reaching a place that lyrics never could. Then, with equal abruptness, the song goes all emotional, and as it digs into your heart you don't want to categorize it. Tim Kasher screams the last few lines, delivering the complete indie/post-punk song package at its artistic best. Unfortunately, the EP's other songs are mediocre, often suffering from overly prosaic lyrics. The disc rides on the power of "Sink to the Beat," unsuccessfully trying to visit new planes. Cursive knows when to scream, and they know when to cut loose with an outburst of musical chaos, but most of these songs lack focus and direction; I can't see them winning the band many new fans.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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