Burst and Bloom

Author: Nate Cavalieri
07/28/2001 | Real Detroit Weekly | Album Review
Welling from the overdriven emotion fountain of Cursive frontman, Tim Kasher, the band's five-song EP follow-up to their critically successful Domestica is a thoughtful extension of their previous work, with more experimental arrangements and highly complex song structures. What Cursive fans have come to expect is all there: juxtapositions of angular, fragmented guitar distortion with smooth, subdued melodic ideas and undeniably creative and substantial lyrical substance. But Burst and Bloom exceeds these expectations with its equally creative production, incorporating tasteful ideas that aren't intentionally out to defy the conventions of post-everything rock, but do so anyway. With their somewhat self-referential opening, "Sink to the Beat," the band leaps into these changes with a tirade about the "cheap strategies" of underground music. By the EP's end, there is no doubt that the band deserves their reputation as one of the most forward-thinking groups in progressive post-punk.

Reason to Buy: Cursive is able to meld aggressive noise with melody in a way very few bands can.
Best Listening Experience: The addition of cellist Gretta Cohn to the band's membership.

Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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