Burst and Bloom

Author: jason kucsma
09/01/2001 | Clamor Magazine | Album Review
Singer/Songwriter Tim Kasher and Co. follow up the critically acclaimed Domestica CD that came out last year with five tracks that progress nicely from the full-length that reinvigorated interest in the four-year-old project know as Cursive. The music is intricate and meditatively catchy. The first track "Sink to the Beat" sounds like a satirical look at the music industry and the ridiculous imposition of record, tour, promote, record again schedules on the creative process. Wrap up the sound like a neat commodity for sale on the market. Cursive doesn't flinch with the dead-on critique and rolls into the remainder of the EP with the same intentionally heartfelt compositions of connection and alienation that rock consistently in the vein of Fugazi with a touch of melodrama that conjures the Cure.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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