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Discovering America

Author: Nikki Benson
03/09/2010 | | | Album Review
Tim Kasher is getting buckwild. He and his band of merry men, Cursive, have a new song out as a backhanded tribute to The American Indians. Backhanded might sound a bit negative, but the negativity is not towards the American Indians. Rather, it is calling out those who have forgotten or simply do not care about those who 'discovered' our country long before Columbus sailed west. With flippant references to the story of our founding fathers and the hostile acquisition co-mingled with current travesties such as murder and the inherent right that some feel they have to take a young woman's virginity, Tim Kasher sings "Home of the brave. What the f*** was that supposed to mean?" Kasher continues by showing how Native American culture has been used in decorative ways throughout modern day consumerism with little thought.

All of this is not to for people to raise their noses and disgust and go about their business. Cursive is actually doing something about it. The single "Discovering America" is out now, and all proceeds are going towards The American Indian College Fund. More details can be found at