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Burst and Bloom

Author: Kurt Morris
06/29/2001 | Action Attack Helicopter | | Album Review
You know, I'd honestly like to think that the readers of Action Attack Helicopter are smart and cultured enough in rock music to know a good band when they hear it. Therefore, I expect you all to know who Cursive is and to realize that they would never fail us, their loyal fans. Hell, what other publication do you know of which has interviewed frontman Tim Kasher three times? They love us, we love them and so as long as they keep putting out the good rock records, I'll keep hyping them like the PR man/reviewer that I am. That being said, "Burst & Bloom" is a five song EP of Cursive rock, but with a new feature. They now have a cellist. I will not complain about that. Honestly, I couldn't hear it through most of the EP and when I did, it seemed to go along with the music very well.
Another point of note is that this release doesn't seem to have quite the heaviness that "Domestica" had, nor does it have the dynamics which "Storms of Early Summer" or their split with Silver Scooter showcased. So, what is "Burst & Bloom" like exactly? Well, it seems to be a little more technical. More intricate guitar work, layered nicely with the cello in some cases. A little speedier with the tempo and much steadier in their delivery. None of this is to say that Cursive wasn't those things in previous efforts, it's just that which has stuck out to me. "Burst & Bloom" is another lyrical catharsis for Tim Kasher, a delivery of his melancholy, yet not in such a pungent manner. The emotional dishevelment is subtler and perhaps only longtime fans will grasp the difference. New fans will appreciate a concise, yet wonderful introduction to this Omaha, Nebraska five-piece. A solid record which I'm sure will can only continue to grow on me more this summer.
Burst and Bloom

Burst and Bloom

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