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Mama, I'm Swollen

Author: Carl Pocket
I can remember almost 15 years ago and being a shaggy haired kid being driven to a dumpy all ages venue to catch a new project from members of Slowdown Virgina and Tim Kasher. Before this night I thought cursive was just a writing style they taught in 3rd grade, but at the end of this night I knew that Cursive was a band and one that was doing things I hadn't ever seen yet. I figured the LA audience was going to be packed with people in their late 20s trying to relive these moments of youth. I was wrong.

The House of Blues was filled with kids who were still potty training when the bands playing this evening were doing their first tours. Still it is never too late to get into Cursive.

When Tim Kasher came on stage the crowd came to a hush. It was almost as if the audience had no clue who was playing. Maybe it was just the LA audience but the sentiment was reiterated to me by the kids with Blink-182 shirts who were talking to each other: "This is just some lame scream-o band."

Kasher nor anyone else on stage seemed to care as they just rocked out. It didn't matter that most of the crowd was just standing with arms crossed, the group never took a beat off.The vocals were spot on from the very first note. Kasher's voice never faded whether it be the soft vocals, the high falsettos, or the growling screams that bellow out his mouth.

Pulling a set list out of his pocket Kasher explained, "We have one more," which brought cheers from the kids waiting for the next group and moans from the Cursive fans craving more. The band broke into "Art is Hard" which really brought the crowd together. Finally, the people were dancing, the pit was forming, and people were surfing through the crowd. It took the whole set but, finally, the arms of the audience were not crossed.

Then finally, Alkaline Trio, the headliner who had a sold out show that night took the stage. Its been around 13 years these guys have been bringing their punk rock sound to the masses. Being a long time follower a ton has changed in the group. The days when the guys would stumble on stage, barely able to play the simple power chords needed to complete their 3 minute pieces, are long gone.

Matt and company all seemed tight and the songs were coherent. The set list reflected the mass catalog that the trio has released over the years and never went to heavy off the songs from current release "This Addiction". A 17 song set would leave the crowd wanting more and the crowd would get more. Another 3 songs started off by another new release. However, they couldn't give the fans all new songs could they? They ended the set with the classic "Blue in the Face". While this is a song that makes me want to circle pit, it seemed to be a mixed bag to the fans.

If you didn't sing-a-long you will get another chance next month when the same bands, come back to the same venue, and (hopefully) don't play the same songs. Check out all our photos from the show below!
Mama, I'm Swollen

Mama, I'm Swollen

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