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Mama, I'm Swollen

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12/14/2009 | | | Live Show Preview
The other night was quite the experience for me. I made my way out in temperatures colder than Boston, which is usually unheard of here in Little Rock, to watch The See, Capgun Coup, and Cursive play. I was not quite prepared for what I saw, but had a decent time nonetheless. The See, who have built up a cult like following over the past year, opened the night early on. They came back from touring in the Midwest only to play another show the night after. It didn't seem to take a toll on them though because they killed their set. Those who were there to see Cursive seemed to enjoy them as well which is as good as anyone could have hoped for.

Capgun Coup, who I had never heard of before, is touring with Cursive right now. I got really excited when I saw three guys carrying up this massive organ to the stage. I'm a huge fan of organs incorporated in bands, so I was really looking forward to their set. CC's Myspace categorizes them as indie, surf, and punk. I would not necessarily describe them as indie or surf, but they had overwhelming aspects of punk to them down to the lead singer's screaming vocals during songs. The backing music was relatively decent, but after a few songs they all tended to blend together in my mind. However, I cannot knock them at all seeing as they are touring with Cursive and got up to play for a group that nearly everyone in the venue was there to see. I will have to listen to some of their recorded music before I write them off totally because I definitely see potential there.

The venue took a while to fill and was not at capacity when Cursive came to the stage. I had heard some of their music in passing, and while I thought Tim Kasher's vocals were nicely recorded, they blew me away in person. They definitely fill the indie rock niche that they have chosen to take part in. What they do, they do well.

I was actually surprised out how amazing Kasher's voice was. It fluctuated between giving me goosebumps and positively assaulting my aural senses. If anyone says he cannot sing, they need to see him live to get the full effect. While he was singing, it was certainly a nice sight to see nearly everyone in attendance mouthing the words along to every song. There have been few shows where I've seen that done, and I believe a band has done their job if they have that hardcore of a following. While I wasn't able to sing along to any of their songs due to not being very familiar with them, I nonetheless had a lovely time watching them perform. They kept the audience riveted with their rather lengthy set, and I would even venture to say that everyone there got their money's worth especially since it was their first time visiting Little Rock.

Though neither touring band was my particular cup of tea, I give them credit where credit is due. They played their hearts out to the audience. Their work ethic is strong, and I do not see it dwindling any time in the near future. Cursive's been at this game for years now and all their hard work is paying off. Capgun Coup, who are relatively new to the scene, are giving a valiant effort, and perhaps opening for Cursive's tour will propel them in the right direction. I am certainly glad to see these men doing what they love to do and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming year.
Mama, I'm Swollen

Mama, I'm Swollen

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