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Mama, I'm Swollen

Author: Brent
08/07/2009 | | | Live Show Preview
By now, most of you have heard the great "From The Hips" song off the new Cursive album (as well as the excellent performance on letterman). Well, I am just getting around to listening to the new album and it completely rocks. I'm very excited to catch this band in a small venue like The Ottobar tomorrow night. Some off-the-cuff thoughts while I was listening to the album:

"From the Hips" is the second song, so the album starts off with more of a barn-burner than a builder, "In The Now".

The third song "I couldn't love you" has a similar mix of swagger and explosion in it with a speedy traditional rock beat sauntering between loud and soft and "horny" (lots of horns :)).

"Donkeys" is a little rough, not necessarily in a bad way, but probably one of my least favorites on the album on first listen.. might just be a grower.

"Caveman" is a great song with some cool guitar work in it. It feels a little bit like an up-temp dirge.. but the little details in the song make it unique, like the talky parts that are just thrown in. Lyrically the song is great, talking about how he's not a dad or a husband(something he could care less about) but a caveman having problems with upward mobility ( at least on a surface level).

It sounds like all these songs were recorded and written at the same time, the album is very cohesive and there isn't a song that doesn't seem to fit.

[sandwhich break]

Cursive slows the album down in the middle on "We're Going To Hell" with some spacier guitars and a softer pallette, per usual they have something musically interesting going on in this song, listen to the play between the guitar and keyboard. Wait for the song to pick up around the 2:45 mark, it's got a loose disjointed feel to it that works great.

They have "We're Going To Hell" followed by "Mama, I'm Satan" hmm, someone doesn't think too highly of themselves. However, I will say that "Mama, I'm Satan" is one of the better scorchers on the album, I was listening to it with my headphones on at work, completely forgot where I was and realized that I was bobbing my head pretty violently.

The album ends with a traditional album ender, slow and long (although no cursive song on this album is truly "slow".. just "slower"). It gives a good conclusion, building to a substantial climax and makes you want to go back and listen all over again.
Mama, I'm Swollen

Mama, I'm Swollen

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