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Mama, I'm Swollen

Author: Metromix
04/29/2009 | Orlando Metromix | | Live Show Preview
Build up your indie cred by watching Cursive and Man Man with special guest Andrew Wright. Cursive—Saddle Creek's long-standing emo-y, indie post-punks—return from a near-breakup-turned-hiatus to deliver their sixth album. Ever one to tackle big subjects in song, frontman Tim Kasher takes on issues of existence, humanity, society and aging on this LP. With a new drummer in tow and a well-known penchant for sonic exploration, "Mama, I'm Swolen" sounds like "Happy Hollow"-era Cursive—excitable, warmly distorted, bits of oddness, sorta voluminous—gone more chilled out and grown up.

Philly-based experimental indie rockers Man Man are Honus Honus on lyrics and lead vocals, Sergei Sogay on bass, Pow Pow on drums, with guitar/everything else duties being split between Chang Chang and Critter Cat. If their names make them sound like a motley circus crew, it's only fitting. The guys employ the use of xylophones, sousaphones, squeaky toys, pots, spoons, cap guns, chopsticks and whatever else they have lying around to create their weird/beautiful, esoteric/heart-rending, profound/hilarious sounds.The songs on their most recent release "Rabbit Habbits" are the perfect embodiment of a hobo junk circus band and will delight the ears of Tom Waits, Doors and Gogol Bordello fans. Man Man famously does not break between songs during their live shows, but rather moves, revolving-door fashion, from one song to another, commandeering and discarding any of number of the instruments lying at their feet as the mood strikes and the music dictates.
Mama, I'm Swollen

Mama, I'm Swollen

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