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Mama, I'm Swollen

Author: Bobby Bone
04/23/2009 | University of West Florida Voyager | | Live Show Preview
It may surprise some people, but Cursive is much more then a form of fluid writing.

Come enjoy the musical styling of Cursive, an indie band from Omaha, Neb., Tuesday at Sluggos with Man Man, an experimental band from Philadelphia.

Cursive has a unique style that deals with the struggles and unknowns of life. Some of their influences are the bands U2, The Cure and New Order.

This is not just a typical band with one overall tone. Cursive's music explores the entire spectrum of human emotions.

"Cursive is a band that both your punk-kid sister and English-lit-grad-student-best friend can call their own," according to a 2009 press release from the band.

The members of the band said they have an immense appreciation for rock music, mostly of the classic variety.

Matt Maginn and Tim Kasher founded the band in 1997. These two childhood friends started playing together age 13. Cursive is a product of their initiative, as well as the other members' efforts.

"I would hope that people can appreciate all the rhythms and melodies, no matter how muddled they may seem," said vocalist and guitarist Ted Stevens. "We want to be a band where people see something in us and the music we perform."

The band will be performing songs off their newest album entitled "Mama I'm Swollen," which was released March 10.

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Mama, I'm Swollen

Mama, I'm Swollen

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