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Mama, I'm Swollen

Author: Nate Lipka
03/12/2009 | | | Feature
When Omahans Cursive make their long-awaited network television premier on this Friday's "Late Show," don't be surprised if goofball David Letterman sheds a tear or two and shuts the show down early.

Nebraskan frontman Tim Kasher has long shown an affinity for the juxtaposition of somber self-examination and conscienceless musical exploration, and the band's sixth studio album Mama, I'm Swollen is no exception. Musically, the album alternatively sails and swoops, with Kasher's solemn mood serving as the stabilizing buoy in an otherwise bipolar effort.

On the the opening "In the Now," Kasher shouts that he "don't want to know what I know" over a whirring post-rock guitar screech.

He continues with such rock-bottom emotional vignettes throughout: "I'm at my best when I'm at my worst," he proclaims on "From the Hips," a scathing take on the social prominence of physicality. On "I Couldn't Love" you, Kasher likens love to "a game of fetch we'll never win," wailing away like an amped-up Robert Smith.

Mama, I'm Swollen's lessons are two-fold: Kasher is still glum as ever, and yes, it's still fascinating to listen in.
Mama, I'm Swollen

Mama, I'm Swollen

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