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Happy Hollow

Author: Piers
11/08/2007 | | | Album Review
I've had a few lighter than usual albums show up in my mailbox, and gladly reviewed the indie-rock of The Quips and acoustics of Declan De Barra. With the latter singing a song about a friend being shot down in the streets, most likely due to an IRA incident, it was the first time I said "Wow, that was heavy" about a moment focused on pure emotion instead of something like say, the brutality of death metal.

As with many lighter bands, the vocals stand up front pretty often, and singer/guitarist Tim Kasher has a generally light voice, which adds to the light-hearted nature the music suggests. I've heard otherwise about the lyrics, since I wasn't provided a lyric sheet, and I'm also guessing that perhaps the more serious subject matter would be hidden under some metaphors.

Mixed in with this indie rock are lots of horns, pretty much all over the place. It's like Cursive are being supported by some swing big band most of the time, although the horns only add a little bit of swing to busy action. You also get things like pianos, flutes, accordions and all sorts of other non-traditional rock instruments that really spice everything up.

I find it a slight bit difficult to put into words what the end result of what "Happy Hollow" is, although I can say it feels extremely upbeat without being sugary or sappy. It fits into the world of indie rock by doing what indie rock bands do best, doing something different and standing out.

That would be the final word on this album, but I'm sure you're wondering what some very light indie-rock with an album title like "Happy Hollow" is doing at a site like Way Too Loud! To put it simply, I try to promote the idea of keeping an open mind, and there's been a few instances where such indie bands have been criss-crossing paths with all that lovely screamy stuff. I think it's completely cool for heavy music fans to take a listen to something else and vice-versa. Besides, if Jeff Moreira can enjoy Suffocation as much as he does Cursive, I can too (and did by the way!)
Happy Hollow

Happy Hollow

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