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Cursive's Domestica

11/19/2000 | Kick Bright | | Album Review
Cursive's Domestica CD
The Good Life
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"Whose gonna break him into a thousand pieces melting over flames of

I'm sure people listen to these two albums and think "Dude, this guy is fucked!"
I am tempted to say come to the same conclusion but there's something more.
The common element of these two albums is songwriter Tim Kasher. He's not
at all afraid to put himself on out on a stark emotional level so completely for
an audience like he does. I have to give him respect.

Cursive's Domestica came out earlier this year on Saddle Creek Records. I had
been looking forward to new Cursive. I quite liked 1997s 'Such Blinding Stars
For Starving Eyes'. It was a favorite even though the vocals at times were
unbearably whinny. 'Domestica', in my opinion, is one of the best rock records
to come out this year. It blows away all previos Cursive. Tims vocals are much
improved. The music is more intense, tight and passionate. Then you get to
the lyrics and the album takes on a different meaning: the lyrics follow a
marriage shattering apart into thousands of pieces, rather violently. Namely
Tims marriage. He makes use of some pretty violent imagery and language in
every song. It's a hard listen. You could be emotionally drained after listening
to this. The album ends on the shouted words over and over "I lost the will to
fight". My god! It's not a happy record at all but you aren't going to find
anything more real.

Then here comes The Good Life on Better Looking Records. It's basically a
solo project of Tim of songs he's written over the past decade not in a band
setting. He enlists help of his friends to help record them down. like Cursive is
rock, The Good Life is stripped down sometimes using drum machines and
keyboards. The lyrics are what this album seems to be about. You'd think if he
called it The Good Life it would be somewhat more upbeat than Cursive
material. Right? Wrong. It's still an intimate journey into his damaged emotions
written more from a sadness perspective, focusing on his past mistakes, former
loves and laments to his mother for being a "failure". Like Cursive, they come
across powerful, fragile and broken-down. Both albums are not something you
can just put on and chill out to, that's for certain. References: Fugazi, Bright
Eyes, Afghan Whigs. Saddle Creek Records. PO Box 8554. Omaha, NE
68108. Better Looking Records. 11041Santa Monica Blvd PMB 302. Los
Angeles, CA 90025.
Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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