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Cursive's Domestica

Author: (SH)
6/19/2000 | MediaReader Quarterly | | Album Review
This album has the potential of growing on me but didn't necessarily get my attention from the get-go. Somewhere between Karate and Built to Spill, Cursive's Domestica is 9 very polished and mood-invoking pop testaments to this bands longevity. Disturbingly calm, smooth, and tricky tunes keep you from ease while mopey, "uninterested with the world" vocals start playing tricks on your own self-confidence. If this is indeed what marriage is all about, I don't want anything to do with it.

Justin Kozisek, Robb, Cursive, Layout & Design 4 color, 8 panel fold-out 4 Stars
Very impressive. It really makes a lot more sense after listening to the album a few times. Straight from a movie poster from the Independent Film Festival of your choice.
Good photography, text placement, and the tightest line screen on a 4 color CD silkscreen I have ever seen.
Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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