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Author: Sam Ubl
06/29/2006 | | | Album Review
Doge of Emo-ha Tim Kasher has spent his career wondering What It All Means, which makes him an optimist in my book. So pardon "Dorothy at Forty" and its emo-does-Revolutionary Road cynicism-- suburban ennui is the young idealist's food. The song concerns-- you guessed it-- a deluded American dreamer with a taste for pie, name of Dorothy. Dorothy feels symptoms of that annoying wake-up-to-reality bug to which residents of Anytown, USA seem especially susceptible.

Kasher punctuates his protagonist's distress with sax skronk, rollercoastering synth waves, and a skittishly charging guitar line, which conspire together to give the song its caged-up desperation. The rhythm shucks and jukes to the contours of Kasher's choppy cadence: "Dream cars, dream houses/ Dream jobs, dream spouses/ Dreams of tornadoes/ Cities of emerald." Cursive helped cultivate one of the most utopian underground music communities of the last decade. Ironic, then, that they're now set on dismantling utopia.