Cursive's Domestica

Author: Eddie Ugarte
08/01/2000 | Ghetto Blaster Magazine | | Album Review
I wasn't thoroughly impressed by Cursive the first time I heard their music; a live performance with over the top howled vocals. The vocals were too distracting although the melody trapped underneath them left me curiously tapping my feet. Now, with Domestica, I get a clear example of this band's sound both vocally and musically filtered directly through my headphones. Singer/songwriter Tim Kasher has pieced together some powerful imagery in his lyrics as he sings them like a wounded animal on 'The Martyr.' His words, "Your tears are only alibis/ to prove you still feel - you only feel sorry for yourself/ well get on that cross/ that's all your good for," are as venomous as his delivery. I get a better understanding now why he sings the way he does. All this with catch-happy melodies in one song along with a heavy hitting rhythm section as guitars play with harmonics and crunchy riffs. I just realized I've summed up an entire album with a description of one song, no need for me to continue. Domestica is an intense listen and places Cursive up one rung on the creative ladder.
Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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