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Cursive's Domestica

Author: Lauren Viera
07/13/2000 | Cleveland Free Times | | Album Review
Cursive hail from middle America, where hot days in cornfields prevail, and relationships can and do mean everything - especially when they end. Singer Tim Kasher writes songs like some write diary entries, his lyrics so threateningly close to an invasion of privacy that we can't help but feel guilty listening in. Then again, if Kasher weren't openly half-screaming his feelings, we wouldn't be able to side with him, and that's the best part.

Though the singer's fairly recent divorce allegedly prompted the bulk of the material for the disc, identifying specific characters is hardly the point. These songs mine the unspeakable truth of any relationship gone wrong, and are depicted here so accurately, it's uncanny: "Relations in direct competition/Domination/The players: disguised as the lover/The best friend/A game of who needs who the worst." On this, the foursome's third album, Cursive poignantly reveal in 30 minutes what most guitar bands strive to accomplish in 50, uncovering rock's dark side without carelessly over-working the angst with unnecessary roughness or false emotions. Arguably one of the best independent albums of the year,
Cursive's Domestica just might put Omaha on the map.

Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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