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The Difference Between Houses and Homes

Author: Brian Fogarty
11/02/2005 | | | Album Review
This rarity and unreleased songs record from Cursive is both a gift and a reminder to their fans. The gift is a collection of old 7‰ songs and two unreleased numbers „Dispenser‰ and „I Thought There‚d Be More Than This.‰ The reminder is that Cursive can rock with the best of them even without their smoking cellist Gretta Cohn heading out on her own. The reason is that the twelve-track collection of the Difference focuses nearly exclusively on Cursive‚s early beginnings between 1996 and 1998, with only one song „Nostalgia‰ coming from Cursive‚s latest lineup with Cohn. And in that respect, Cursive blast away with the brilliant angular attack led by Tim Kasher and Stephen Pedersen as on their Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes (1996) and The Storms of Early Summer (1998) full-lengths. If you weren‚t able to attain their early 7‰s when they came out and don‚t feel the need to spend a billion on Ebay, then this is the perfect remedy. The Difference includes the 1998 Icebreaker 7‰ („Pivotal,‰ „Polar‰ and „Icebreakers‰), the 1997 Zero Hour 7‰ („Sucker & Dry‰ and „And the Bit Just Chokes Them‰), the 1996 The Disruption 7‰ („There‚s a Coldest Day in Every Year,‰ „The Knowledgeable Hasbeens,‰ „A Disruption in Our Lines of Influence‰ and „A Disruption in the Normal Swing of Things‰) and the aforementioned „Nostalgia‰ from the 2001 split. Naturally, a majority of the ten songs off of these 7‰s rock your mind and make you get excited over Cursive again. But, the song that probably nails the joy most to the wall is the sweet opener and unreleased „Dispenser.‰ Why the hell they didn‚t release „Dispenser‰ in 1995 or so only brings wonderment. The end story is that if you are down on Cursive, particularly their early stuff like Such Blinding Stars, you will absolutely love this. Grade A-