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Cursive's Domestica

06/29/2000 | University of Missouri-Columbia Mizzou | | Album Review
Okay. I like this record a lot, but I have to admit that the artwork is disturbing me little bit. This twelve-year-old couple seems to be playing the marriage game, and it's freaking me out. Just because I now know that singer/songwriter Tim Kasher got married and divorced, I'm associating these under-aged kids with the same situation, and I don't like it. Call me a puss, call me conservative. It just bugs me.

But thankfully, this music does not. I am completely aware that it may have that affect on some people, but let's take our chances. Beautiful, painful, harsh, melodic music with equally gorgeous, hurtful, hauntingvocals make this record one of the finest in Cursive's catalog. It is much more aggressive and straight-forward due to Kasher's experiences, I'm sure. Even though the PR claims that he says it is not autobiographical, it's hard to ignore the hurt and hurtful nature of the record.

All at once, this record makes me happy, sad and angry. People say that about a lot of records, but this is different. Maybe if I didn't know about the divorce it would be different, but it's not. Sniff.
Cursive's Domestica

Cursive's Domestica

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